Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Blue Lagoon

One of the things we wanted to do when we visited Iceland was to go to the Blue Lagoon.

We arrived just as it opened in the morning and being winter the sun had not yet come up. I believe it was around 10 am at least.

We enjoyed a coffee and snack in the cafe overlooking the lagoon before heading for the changing rooms.

The lagoon was gloriously warm but in order to get into the water you had to leave your wrap and shoes on a hanging clothes stand and walk speedily into the water before you got too cold.

The sun coming up and the steamy geyser in the centre sending up lots of steam.

Around the lagoon edges there were boxes full of salty slop which you could put on your face . It dried white and crisp and then you carefully washed it off trying not to get it in your eyes. It was meant to help your skin look great.z

The steam made the whole place slightly eerie looking. You had to swim splash free as the salty water would make your eyes sting but the salt kept you floating easily if you just wanted to lie back and float.

You had to be careful not to stay in too long as warm salty water is quite dehydrating. When we out out we had plenty of water to drink.

The changing rooms were sleek and clean

Looking out over the lagoon from the cafe where we had lots of water and something to eat.

Outside the Blue Lagoon there were thermal pools and beautiful blue water with salty crystals at the edges.

Thermal pools and volcanic scenery around the Blue Lagoon.

Snow crystals around the thermal pools.

Volcanic rocks surround the Blue Lagoon.

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  1. wauw, wish i was there too! So pretty, love the icy colours! I will follow you, love to read more about you!
    ciao! Janneke