Saturday, 12 April 2014

Around Reykjavik part 1

We spent a few days in Reykjavik in January 2013 and had a great time exploring the city and beyond.

This is the Parliament House(Alpingishus)  of Iceland in Reykjavik today.  Iceland's ancient assembly (Althingi) met at Thingvellir from 930 AD until 1798 when it moved to Reykjavik and this building. There are no fences or security around the place and you can sit on the door step if you wanted to. This place was the scene of big riots when the Icelandic kroner collapsed some years back.

This statue was near the large lake and I have absolutely no idea what it it trying to say but just found it entertaining.

This large lake was in the  middle of the city and made a lovely peaceful place to sit and watch the water birds. We walked pretty much all around it while we were there.

Such a pretty city as you ca see from these photos.

Of course Reykjavik is also a port and we enjoyed a wander around the harbour area. We thought of taking a whale watching trip but it looked rather too cold and rough for us.

The big church Hallgrímskirkja can be seen from pretty much all around the city as although it is not that high, everywhere else is very low in the city. there are no sky scrapers or high buildings at all.

Just a few photos to give you an idea of this pretty little, quiet yet welcoming city.

I will write another blog about the sea front of Reykjavik and the places along the sea  front of the city as that was also very interesting and there were different things to see.

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