Saturday, 12 July 2014

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Continuing my series based on the website The New 7Wonders where I am looking at those of the twenty one shortlisted finalists that I have visited .

The next on the list is Angkor Wat. This is not one Wat or temple but rather a series of temples in
 one area some of which have been partially destroyed by human invaders while others are being taken over by the jungle that surrounds the temple area.

We had the sweetest guide who spent the few days we were here telling us all about his family. As you walk around the temples small children come up to you with bits they are trying to sell and chat to you. they have cleverly learned a few sentences and facts about each country which has tourists coming to Cambodia which they say to you as an opening line. they are so very sweet and I would happily have bought all they had but I knew that would only bring more running to tear at my heart strings.

Angkor Wat was originally a Hindu temple complex then became a Buddhist temple complex and there is evidence of some deliberate scrubbing out of Hindu images in some temples.Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world.

Some temples have tall steps that you can climb up. they are steep and very narrow, some of those climbing with us were not happy and were clinging on to the ropes and edges for assistance. 

You could spend days around the temples, some like to get up before dawn to watch sunrise and again watch the sun setting over the temples. It can get quite crowded at times and it is VERY hot so take lots of bottled water, a hat and sunscreen.

My favourite temple was Ta Prohm which was used in the film 'Tomb Raider. This temple has been left pretty much as it was discovered in recent times. Trees have grown through the temple walls and arches and it looks like a scene from Indiana Jones. It was such fun taking photos and even though there were quite a few other people there we did manage to get some photos with extras in them.

I cannot really do justice to a site like this in a short post but this gives a taste of the magnificence that is Angkor Wat. To me this site richly deserves its place in the 21 finalists but despite getting my vote it was NOT one of the New 7Wonders.

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