Saturday, 12 July 2014

CORCOVADO - Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro

This is my third post listing the twenty one finalists that went to vote to become one of the New 7Wonders.

First was the Acropolis which I have not visited

Second was the ALHAMBRA Spain which I wrote a post about

ANGKOR WAT in Cambodia was third on the list and my post about this is on here too.

Fourth is the COLOSSEUM in Italy which again I have yet to see. My husband went to Rome for his first Honeymoon so it isn't high on his list at the present time.

The post here is about no 5 which is as alphabetically listed the CORCOVADO (CHRIST THE REDEEMER)in Rio, Brazil.

The Corcovado is actually the hill the statue stands on. It is one of many in and around Rio, the Sugarloaf mountain is another famous landmark in the city. Corcovado means hunchback in Portuguese.

On top of this 710-metre high hill stands the famous statue of Christ the redeemer. The statue stands a huge 38 metres high and is impressive from both near to and from a distance as well.

We went up to the statue on the railway which takes you through the Tijuca Forest which is a rainforest which is a huge 32 sq km National Park within the city of Rio. This railway was first built in 1884 but was refurbished in 1980 and it is a pretty good ride through the forest upwards.

It was planted in the mid 19th Century as it was believed that the deforestation was affecting the water supply in Rio and the soil erosion as well.

once at the top platform you still have 223 steps to climb or you can if you don't mind queuing wait for the lift. There is also an escalator which is how we went up but we did walk down again using the steps.

The size of the statue can only really be appreciated close up but aside from exploring the statue from this hill top the views you get over Rio are pretty impressive.

This huge statue gets over 300,000 visitors per year and at times it is pretty crowded up around the statue. Luckily we went up early one morning not on a week end so the crowds were minimal.

THIS STATUE IS THE FIRST OF MY TWENTY ONE TO BE A NEW 7 WONDER - This is the first of the final New 7Wonders.

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