Saturday, 12 April 2014

Harpa - The Concert Hall in Reykjavik

This modern building made of lots of glass windows reflects the sky and sea beautifully.

This new building is right on the sea front not far from the Old Harbour and can be seen from some way away.

It is the home of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera has hosted concerts from Bjork and many other modern musicians.

The design was influenced by Iceland's natural and dramatic scenery and the glass exterior was designed by  Olafur Elisson who also designed the New York Harbour installation.

Whatever time we passed this building the colours changed. It looked great in all the lights. At night it was light up with multi colours while during the day it reflected what was going on around it.

This photo shows what the Harpa building looks like from across the harbour.

The concert Hall has four main halls and several smaller meeting rooms. The largest concert hall holds a huge 1,800 seated visitors.

The building is basically a steel frame covered with different coloured geometric glass panels which change colour as the light changes.

Inside was a dramatic as outside.

We had a cup of coffee at the cafe and thought about going on a tour but we were running short of time so decided not to bother. 

A beautiful modern building that adds to rather than detracts from the other buildings around.

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