Saturday, 12 July 2014

Gullfoss Waterfall - Iceland

One day when we were in Iceland we took the Golden Circle tour which was extremely interesting and we saw a lot in that day.

We stopped at this famous waterfall for our lunch. It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing strongly but we did struggle down to see the Gulfoss falls before heading back to have a bowl of lamb soup.

The building at the Falls was enormous with many souvenir shops and a huge restaurant area . You couldn't see the falls from the building so you couldn't just say you had seen them without walking down a bit further down the paths.

I suspect in summer it is very crowded but in winter the paths were pretty empty. We had to battle the wind to get down to the falls and then the wind pushed us back up again which was helpful!

You can see in my photos that part of the falls are frozen.

They are pretty spectacular even frozen and standing watching them in the bitter cold.

We then cam back inside for our lamb soup . more like a stew and then we had a look around the many little shops in the huge building.

The restaurant has plenty of seating as you can see.


If you are feeling a bit cold you could have bought extra layers to wear in the e shops.

Or maybe bought a knitted souvenir!

There was something  for everyone in the shop. the food was hot and tasty and the waterfall impressive if somewhat cold!


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